Year 3 2020-2021

Mrs Esa

Year 3 Teacher

Welcome to Year 3

Our team is Mrs Esa, Mrs Simpkins and Mrs Bennett. We are a fabulous team who work extremely well together to support your child on their learning journey.

We encourage an 'open door' policy for you to pop in and have a chat.  You're welcome to look at your child's work or discuss their progress. Alternatively, you can contact me via email on: and I will get back to you.


In year 3 we continue with simple topic based homework.

The children will be given a series of challenges of which children can complete throughout the half term.

Homework should be handed in every Wednesday.

Children will also have weekly Maths homework based on developing arithmetic skills and children may also have additional grammar homework as appropriate. Children will also have weekly spellings to learn in readiness for a spelling test every Wednesday.

We feel that the challenges offer a variety of long and short tasks, some curriculum based and some life skills.

Please feel free to work alongside your child on their homework.

Learning links


BBC Bitesize

Maths playground

Phonics play




In Maths we have been enjoying using our new "Maths No Problem" books.

We have been looking at place value including "hundreds", "tens" and "ones" and we have been thinking about bigger and smaller numbers.

We have been using our base 10 equipment in our Maths Toolkits to help us to understand place value including what numbers look like in digits and in words.

We have now moved on to addition skills and have practised different strategies to help us to add.

Some of the strategies we have used include:

  • Counting on
  • Number line
  • Using base 10
  • Using flipcard digit books
  • Partitioning
  • Renaming using base 10
  • Using our known facts
  • Thinking about numbers using "part/part/whole" approach
  • Column addition

Plus many more!

Please pop in to look at our Maths Workbooks and Maths Journals at the end of the school day!


We have looked at Scream Street by Tommy Donbavan and done some horror writing based on his style. 

We have now started our second unit of work for English - BIOGRAPHIES.

We have decided to look at the biography of Roald Dahl as we love to read Roald Dahl stories in Year 3!

We have looked at biographies of Roald Dahl to find out facts about Roald Dahl's life.  We have also created a list of features for biography writing.

We created presentations in groups all about Roald Dahl and we have now begun writing our biographies.  Please pop in to school and have a look at our English books to see our wonderful writing!

The Three Wishes

What would you ask for if the fairies offered you three wishes? Wealth? Power? Beauty? One elderly couple find the offer of a mixed blessing. 4:21 - Illustrated by Kim Whybrow, Read by Carole Boyd


Autumn 2
Our new topic is called Healthy Humans. The subjects which we will be focusing on are Science and Design Technology. Within these subjects we will be looking at how we can be healthy. We will also be looking at different foods and will be researching their nutritional value and what the different nutrients do in the body. During our Design Technology lessons we will be planning and creating our own healthy meal based on what we learn throughout the term.

Autumn 1
During this term our topic is There's No Place Like Home. Our main subjects which we will be covering are Geography and History. Within these subjects we will learn all about our local area and also about places in the UK. We will start to look at maps and identify places around the UK including where we live. As part of History we will be looking at how our local area has changed over the past and identify similarities and differences.

What we have been up to
During the half term we have been looking at different types of maps. We have looked at world maps, UK map, maps of buildings and digital maps. Whilst looking at the map of the UK, we have looked at the four countries of the UK and have learnt the names of them and where they are on the map. Take a look at some of our UK maps below.

We have also done some art work this half term and have been learning how sketch images and the paint them. This was linked to our topic as we sketched our houses and then painted them.

Autumn 2
Autumn 1

Our unit in Science for this half term is called Light and Shadows. We will get into role as scientists and will complete lots of investigations and experiments to further our understanding about light and shadows. During this unit we will be looking at what light is, how it travels, how shadows are formed and much more.

In our Science lessons we have completed a few investigations to find out how light travels and whether you can see a white cat in a dark room. We found out that light travels in straight lines and also we found out that you can't see anything in a dark room if there is no light at all. The pictures below show us completing our investigations!


Book band books to be placed in basket first thing in the morning when children are ready to swap.

PE - Tuesday and Wednesday (Earrings must be out)

Homework - given out on Friday, to be handed in Wednesday.

Library swap day - Friday

Thank you

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