Science  Intent Statement  

Science teaching and learning at Brindle Gregson Lane Primary School stimulates children’s curiosity in finding out why things happen the way they do and will equip them with the knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and in the future on a personal, national and global level. The curriculum is designed to ensure that children are able to acquire key scientific knowledge through practical experiences; using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently. The children are immersed in scientific vocabulary, which aids children’s knowledge and understanding. We intend to provide all children with a broad and balanced science curriculum.


  • To develop a positive attitude towards science and an awareness of its fascination
  • An understanding of science through a process of enquiry and investigation
  • Confidence and competence in scientific knowledge, concepts and skills
  • An ability to reason, predict, think logically and to work sympathetically and accurately
  • An ability to communicate scientifically
  • The initiative to work both independently and in cooperation with others
  • The ability and understanding to use and apply science across the curriculum and real life.

Brindle Gregson Lane Primary School

Bournes Row, Gregson Lane, Hoghton, Preston Lancashire PR5 0DR

Mr Scott Smith Acting Headteacher

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