School Uniform

Our children are often complimented by visitors on how well turned out they are and on the school’s high standard of dress uniformity. Our colours are red and black/grey and our uniform comprises:

  • Red school sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey/black trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Red gingham/striped dress (optional for summer)
  • Black, sensible school shoes
  • Plain black, grey or white socks
  • Red fleece (optional)
  • Red reversible fleece (optional)
  • Red Bookbag

We also asked parents to provide the following for PE:

  • White T-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Change of socks
  • Pumps

In addition, KS2 children will also need trainers and tracksuit for outdoor PE

To order uniform online, go to and search for Brindle Gregson Lane Primary School.

NOTE: Trainers and fashion shoes are not suitable for day to day wear in school. We only allow children to change into trainers at break time if they are using the multi-sports pitch and for no other reason. Children must enter and leave school wearing school shoes.


Children’s hairstyles should be appropriate for school. For health & safety reasons, children with hair longer than shoulder length must have their hair tied back with a suitable accessory during lessons and PE. It is also a measure put in place to prevent the spread of headlice.


In the interest of safety and to avoid loss, children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. The only exceptions might be for medi-alert items and some religious artefacts. Children may only wear studs in ears when they are first pierced. Once the studs can be removed, children will not be permitted to wear them to school. Parents should inform school, in writing, if their child’s ears have recently been pierced.

Parents are urged to have their children’s ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays so that studs can be removed in time for the start of the new school year.

In accordance with Lancashire County Council policy, no child may take part in PE lessons wearing jewellery of any sort, including stud earrings. Members of staff will not remove earrings from children’s ears.

Children may wear watches in school but they should be inexpensive and not ‘gimmicky’. School is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage.

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