Welcome to the PTFA page!

We have a very active and enthusiastic PTFA here at BGL, who work hard at organising fantastic events for the children. Our ethos is that everyone who has a connection to the school is automatically a member of the PTFA, and that enables us to put every child at the heart of what we do!

Every year we raise thousands of pounds which the school uses for the benefit of our children. We aim to run at least one or two PTFA events every term. These are usually quite varied and are designed to be fun for the children, parents and helpers. Examples of some of our events are:

  • Discos
  • Cinema afternoons
  • Craft events
  • Santa's gift shop and grotto
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day shops
  • Summer Fair

None of the fundraising would be possible without the help and involvement of the children, staff, parents, grandparents and other volunteers, which means we are always on the look-out for people to help us to organise and run events. This could be in school time, after school and in the evenings. Even if an event itself is run in school time we always need help to organise things beforehand. Any help offered will be most appreciated!

As we are a registered charity, we hold an AGM every year, typically in October. We also hold informal meetings every term and all-important parent social events every few months! If you would like to get involved, please attend one of our termly meetings!

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