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Our curriculum intends to: 

  • Provide exciting and enriched first hand learning experiences that give our pupils the cultural capital to embrace and enjoy life to the full. 
  • Provide a language and knowledge-rich curriculum so that children can communicate, understand and articulate their knowledge with precision and accuracy 
  • Provide an inclusive curriculum that encourages aspiration so all children have the opportunity to be the best they can be. 
  • Develop the desired skills and characteristics in our children so that they are prepared to take an active part in the community our wider world. 
  • Encourage our children to be fit, healthy and well so, they can live embracing life’s opportunities as fully as they can. 
  • Encourage compassion, respect and global responsibility for the world around us and all who live in it. 

Curriculum Rationale

In consultation with staff, governors, parents and pupils, we have considered the needs and the aspirations we have for our children at Brindle Gregson Lane. We have conducted a curriculum needs analysis based on a number of variables and adapted each curriculum area to take account of those needs. Over the course of the year, subject  leaders, governors and teachers will continue to review the curriculum to ensure it remains relevant and effective in achieving our curriculum intentions. 

During this academic year we are working hard on developing a new curriculum for the children at our school.  As well as ensuring that we deliver all of the statutory knowledge and skills for each subject area from the National Curriculum, we hope to establish an innovative, inspiring and personalised curriculum tailored to the needs of our children.  We will be working on the development of different subject areas throughout this year with a view to implementing  the fully revised package from September 2020.  

We began this process by looking at our existing school values.  After consulting with all staff and children, we felt that our bank of 24 values which we have covered on a two year cycle through assemblies and work in class, were too broad and not purposeful enough for our children.  In light of this, we created a core bank of  those we felt were special to us when we considered what we wanted a BGL child to look like    when they leave us.  We narrowed it down to:

  • resilience
  • determination
  • kindness
  • respect
  • understanding
  • self-discipline
  • aspiration

We felt that the wording of these values did not inspire enthusiasm.  We decided we wanted something fresh, dynamic, punchy and memorable.  So staff have proposed the following:

1.  Learn Without Limits

2.  Discover the Possible

3. Inspire Pride

4.  Be Big Hearted

5.  Play Your Part



As well as these we are also considering some key curriculum drivers which include: first hand learning experiences, language and vocabulary and my place in the world.  

Next, we asked children and staff what topics and skills they would like to see included in our new curriculum and we collected all the ideas.

This is what we found...

More Trips!                                                                                                    

Blackpool, Hoghton Tower, farms, museums, zoos and theatres

More exciting opportunities!   

School sleepover, dressing up days, football matches, community work

On our curriculum we would like to see opportunities for...     

baking, sewing, more ICT, craft work, more experiments, more outdoor learning

Topics we want to learn about...   

volcanoes, Romans, space, Tudors, The Great Plague, Ancient Egypt, Mountains, London, Hoghton, The Great Fire of London, Farming, World War 1 and World War 2, famous artists

Other things we want to think about...   

Themed weeks   

Focus study on an area for each class    

Key world festivals     

Famous Britons       

Life skills   

Dragon's Den Enterprise Week 

BGL's Got Talent                              

Mental Health Awareness                                         

Awareness days that particularly matter to us

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